Hot trio at the Gym Louvre

Bob and Franck draw the attention of Jason, the handsome receptionist who caught Frank’s eye. He joins them in full fuck in the weight room and does not hesitate to masturbate in front of them, the effect is immediate, Franck wants a second dick. Jason will satisfy them with his big stallion dick. Franck will enjoy this great opportunity to give his ass by these two guys. His ass enjoy them a lot, Franks is fucked by those stallion on the weight machine. Bob and Jason are so excited that they’ll cover him up with their cums.

Not far away, Hugo is searching a place to get fucked but he arrives too late at the sauna and discovers the Next, a famous sexbar in Paris. He does not regret anything, sitting at the Bar Manuel provokes him with his macho face. He will eat his ass while Hugo sucks on the bar in front of the customers. Then they join the basement, there are a sling and a bed, what a fucking hot time!

DIRECTOR: Julien Eiffel
DURATION: 37'17"

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